Monday, March 30, 2020

Thoughts on Life During the Pandemic

We're all struggling with a new reality--social distancing; sheltering in place; self-quarantine; working from home, or not at all; virtual meetings; virtual classes; virtual book groups; virtual parties.  “Virtual-just-about-everything.”  I’m impressed by the creativity and resilience I’ve seen in clients, family, friends and community.  Along-side positivity is the need to acknowledge the full spectrum of feelings that this unprecedented reality evokes.
This post will suggest some fundamental tools and strategies to help you thrive, as much as possible, during this time.  Included in that are suggestions on how to acknowledge difficult feelings without drowning in them.

The fundamentals:

Keep to a routine sleep and wake schedule.  If you’re working, keep to a routine work schedule.  Dress for work and/or social video calls.  Eat healthy.  Breathe. Exercise/Move your body. Stay in touch with others such as family, friends, neighbors and co-workers while abiding by social distancing and other safe practices.

Make time to acknowledge your feelings, but try not to let them take charge of you.  Make a “space” for them, such as a journal, a real or imaginary container, or a particular time during your day.  Be self-compassionate, and remember that others are likely experiencing similar feelings.  Remember that your feelings are valid and important, but they aren’t all of you.

Most important, if you’re feeling you can’t cope on your own, seriously consider contacting a therapist, or your primary care physician.  Most are offering Telehealth sessions, via video or telephone, covered by many insurance plans.

Here are some Crisis Center Contacts:

Crisis Text Line, text HOME to 741741, available 24/7, text only
Samaritans Statewide Helpline, 1-877-870-4673, available 24/7, talk or text
Call 2 Talk, 508-532-2255, available 24/7, talk or text

Additional Resources:

Mental Health Wellness Tips for Adults & Children

There are lots of yoga, meditation and relaxation sites and apps on line

Article: That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief

Art- Performance & Visual

Social Distancing Festival:

A virtual concert by Berkeley School of Music students:

12 Museums From Around the World That You Can Visit Virtually:


Small group facilitated discussions on personal and career topics, many on-line

Courses, many free, on an abundance of subjects, partnered by a variety of colleges and universities, both self-paced and time-bound

Last but not Least

A list of lists of all types from

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