Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Reflective Counselor - Creativity

In the February 28th entry of The Reflective Counselor: Daily Meditations for Lawyers, by F.G. Coffey and M.C. Kessler, the authors define creativity as “the gentle art of allowing our playful spirit to permeate our life’s work.”

By giving voice to our playful spirit, our work, leisure and relationships will begin to reflect the freshness and vitality we long for. Do you allow yourself to imprint your unique, playful stamp on your words and actions? If so, reflect on how it feels to do so. How do others respond? If not, what gets in your way of being your unique and playful self?

Experiment with letting your playful spirit emerge in small ways. Notice how you can do this while not losing sight of the serious aspects of what you are doing, and while being respectful towards yourself and others. Your life is meant to be savored.

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